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My Experience

I run to the store to buy whatever it is I need. Right when I'm in the aisle, I'm attacked with many different types of brands, sizes, quantities and price. Which one is a better deal? I pulled out my calculator and wrote a list of the products with their price per unit to help narrow down my choices. The one I bought supposedly had the better deal but wasn't good at all. I found out an even better deal somewhere else. All this time calculating for nothing.

My Problem

Since I found out I could've saved more money somewhere else means I would have to create another list. It takes too much effort to figure out which product has the better deal. Calculating and keeping track of how much each product cost per unit requires work. I want to confidently know what I'm buying is good so I can save money to pay the bills or get more out of what I'm buying.

What happened?

I did a research online and collected different variations of the product to see what is considered a good and bad deal. Doing it online is much faster because the information is almost there. I brought this list with me to help find out what I'm buying at the store is better than what I can get online.




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